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Panhandle Powder Coating offers full service Powder Coating, Abrasive Blasting, Wet Painting, High-Heat Ceramic Coatings, Scorpion Spray on Applications, Hydrographics Applications, and Metal Cleaning/Burn-Off Oven. Please select a link from above, or scroll down to review details on all our services available. Regarding all of our services, we can assist in the loading and unloading of your workpieces via our forklift and loading dock facilities. We are also capable of taking care of most of your post-work packaging needs, unless you have special requirements.

Attention Veterans and Active Duty Military: We here at Panhandle Powder Coating are very appreciative of the patriotism, dedication, and service to our nation by all United States military personnel. Please inquire about our Military Discount, and again, thank you for everything that you do for our great nation!

New attached image Powder Coating

We offer complete powder coating services. With our five stage washer, continuous powder coating conveyer line, and our 12’ X 12X 30’ batch oven, we can handle small and large size items. Our powder coating process passes the AAMA-2605 4,000 hour salt spray certification from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, which is the highest rating achievable. Our 5-stage washer is suitable for most work, however we do have the ability to manually wash larger items. A primer is applied to both aluminum and carbon steel work before the top coat is applied. We have hundreds of colors available, with many in stock. Color Chart, RAL Color Chart, Custom color matching is available for an additional charge. back to top

New attached image Abrasive Blasting, Sandblasting

Commonly referred to as “sandblasting”, Panhandle Powder Coating has the ability to do abrasive blasting in our completely enclosed, DEP approved blasting facility. We offer abrasive blasting only or in conjunction with our powder coating, ceramic coating, or liquid painting capabilities. We are completely silica free, and instead use an environmentally-friendly abrasive compound.

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New attached image Wet Painting

Our wet painting booth is large enough to accomodate bulldozers, buses, tractors, and anything legal to drive on the highway.

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New attached image Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating works exactly like Powder Coating, except it is able to withstand the high heat found in piston heads, internal chambers of manifolds, exhaust systems, headers, and muffler systems. This process helps to keep polished metals from bluing. Several colors are available, including black, silver, titanium, gold and chromex. Ceramic Coatings

We are a Certified Applicator of Cerakote.

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Scorpion Spray on Liner Scorpion Spray on Applications

With many applications for automotive, commercial, industrial, mariner, home and outside we are here to assist you. We are a Authorized Scorpion Applicator in Nortwest Florida.

Scorpion Spray on Coatings

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New attached image Hydrographics

More information to follow.

Please review our portfolio. Portfolio

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Metal Cleaning/Burnoff Oven

Panhandle Powder Coating is proud to offer full Metal Cleaning/Burnoff Oven services. This is a very environmentally friendly and low-cost process that removes cured paint from metal coatings, and delivers consistently superior results. Our large-size oven can handle work up to 8’ X 10X 8’. Here’s how it can benefit you:

  • Paint residue is thermally decomposed
  • Hot stack gases consist primarily of water vapor and CO2 which are invisible, odorless, and harmless
  • Eliminates need for solvents or other chemical methods for paint removal
  • Absolutely no chemical sludge created as compared to other metal cleaning methods
  • Minimizes sandblasting time associated with parts cleaning
  • Lower prices for you – requires no attendant during the burnoff process

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