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Frequently Asked Questions

I only have a few small items. Do you do that type work?

I am a manufacturer of multiple items. Can you meet our schedule?
Our facility has the ability to process multiple items on our continuous line, and we will work with you to meet your needs.

Can you just tell me over the phone how much it will cost to powder coat my item?
We prefer not to give telephone estimates. However, the condition of the item and the choice of a particular powder coating will influence the cost. After seeing your item and selecting a coating we can provide you a written estimate if required.Telephone quotes are subject to change once the items are evaluated at our location.

Are candies and metallics available in powder coating?
We have many in stock, and if you stop by and take a look at our samples, you may be surprised at the variety currently available.

Can I just get some things blasted so I can paint them myself?
Sure, but be aware that after abrasive blasting steel items begin to rust quickly. We can also prime your items, and then you can top-coat yourself.

Can you abrasive blast my horse trailer.
We can completely refurbish your trailer including the flooring.

I need some exhaust parts powder coated, but I’m concerned about the effects of the high heat. Will powder coating work for me?
Powder coating cannot withstand the high temperatures that exhaust systems or other similar applications generate. However, we have a new service – ceramic coating – that will work perfectly for this application. Please refer to our Services page for more information.

What types of metal can you powder coat?
We can powder coat all metals, including steel and aluminum.

Will you be able to match my item’s color exactly?
We have hundreds of colors available, with many in stock. In the event that we cannot find a suitable match, we do offer custom color matching for an additional cost.

Can I see what colors you have in stock on this web site?
Please see our Services page for a picture of a majority of our in-stock color samples. Unfortunately there are just too many variables that cause the colors to look differently on a computer screen compared to the chip sample. We therefore ask that you visit our showroom to see our color selection in person.